Patient Testimonies

“They make you feel good about your decision to stop the insanity.  They accept us as we are.”

- J.F.



“They changed my life.  Period!  I truly didn’t think it was possible, but it is!  They are very helpful, kind and extremely supportive.  There is no more waking up and thinking of how many pills you have to take for the day!  No more counting!  No more running out!  No more anxiety!  No more spending a lot of money to make it through to your next appointment!  “No more scheduling your life around those stupid blue pills.”

- K.L.




“A very kind, compassionate place to receive treatment.  You don’t have to live that lifestyle anymore.  You can function like a normal human being again without the burden of pills or withdrawal.  If you’re ready!”

- S.T.



“This place makes your recovery very undramatic.  I no longer wake each morning trying to find a way to get high, or worry about being sick!”

- B.D



“The staff is amazing and they truly care about your health and your well-being.  Doctors are very understanding and will work with you in order to find the best treatment for you.  Compared to other facilities, this place stands out among the competition and I’m proud to be a patient.”

- P.M.



“It is nice to have someone in your corner who wants to see you do good.”

- S.S.



“My life has improved beyond measure.  Thank you all for everything you do.  You all have such compassion and warmth.  It makes coming here so much easier.  It’s been over a year and I’ve been able to slowly renew myself.  This is the best program I’ve ever seen.  This is my third attempt and will be my final.  I look forward to that bitter sweet day when I am finished with this chapter.”

- C.P.



“The staff is very helpful, extremely kind and supportive.  I should have done this sooner.  I didn’t have faith in these Suboxone doctors, but they are more than that here.”

- O.D.



“They are there for you without judgment.”

- W.W.



“Nothing compares, best people overall.  They have been there through the worst in my life and it is all due to the great staff.  Unprecedented care, love and support.  I love the way we are treated like people.”

- A.R.




“I feel normal again and I’m able to live my life without having to worry about the next fix.”

- F.T.



“Fantastic program/treatment to get your life back.  Please don’t wait any longer - get the help you need now.  You can’t ween down and do it yourself, that’s just another excuse. I’ve used and told myself all of the same excuses.”

- M.O.



“Great people, Great place.  I would recommend to anyone in need of addiction treatment.”

- N.N.



“Very professional staff and uplifting atmosphere.  I am learning how to manage my life without the help of any substances.  It feels good.”





“Best office I’ve been to, especially the doctors.  Not a better staff anywhere.”