Stop Taking Opioids Without Any Withdrawl Symptoms

Our staff is committed and dedicated to providing the highest quality of individualized opiate detoxification treatment available to all our patients. The majority of patients stabilize from anywhere 8-16 mg of Suboxone per day.  Patients normally begin to reduce their dosage, depending upon their comfort and desire after 3-6 months. The doctor will help build a taper schedule that's been personalized for you and your treatment. 

In the coming weeks you should expect to get back to living your life as you did before the pain killers took over. 


There Is No Judgment Here!


We know this is a major issue in your life and we want to help.  Studies have shown, taking Suboxone in combination with counseling and lifestyle changes dramatically increases your ability to remain free from opiates/pain pills.  We can provide you with a list of support groups from around the area you may contact. 

Our doctors are compassionate and understanding and are concerned with your well-being and comfort at all times.  The office setting is warm and peaceful and the staff is diligent and attentive. 

  • Committed, Dedicated and Caring Office Staff

  • Compassionate Doctors

  • Always Accepting New Patients

  • Affordable Pricing 

  • Onsite Pharmacy Services

  • Urine Drug Screening

Begin Treatment Today.


1) Call us now! Tampa (813) 443-5128. Clearwater (727) 300-4490

2) You will need to bring a valid Florida State ID.

3) You will be required to do a UDS ( Urine Drug Screen) at the time of the initial visit and at your follow up appointment. After that your UDS 's are random and up to the doctors discretion.

4) You will need to stop taking your opiates/pain pills before you come to your new patient appointment. Normally, you should not take any opiates 12-15 hours before your appointment, although depending upon the type of opiate/pain pills you are taking that time frame may vary up to 24 hours or more. Please contact us for a specific time frame. Special consideration will need to be made for patients who are currently taking the opiate Methadone.

5) You should be experiencing mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms when you come to the office for your first appointment. Some withdrawal symptoms include, but not limited to the following: Muscle pain, Diarrhea, Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Sweating, Aching, Vomiting, Anxiousness and Restlessness


6) The doctor will privately meet with you; review your initial paperwork, verify the signed patient contract, review/ discuss UDS results, discuss your medical history, perform a minor physical exam ( no clothes removed) and create an Individualized Treatment Plan that includes the education of proper dosing of Suboxone. If you're proven to be in mild to moderate withdrawal, the doctor will provide you with a sublingual dose of Suboxone film or another Buprenorphine based sublingual tablet both of which quickly dissolve. You'll fell better once the medication begins to take effect. Once built up in your bloodstream, it takes away your withdrawal symptoms and your cravings for opiates. This process can take a couple of days.

7) The doctor will prescribe you a one week prescription of a Buprenorphine based product of which you can either fill in our onsite AnewU Recovery Pharmacy or fill at a pharmacy of your choice. The doctor will require you to come back, free of charge, to discuss your week and make any necessary adjustments to your dose.  The doctor will also write a prescription for you for the remainder of the month.

8) You will receive an appointment card for your next in office appointment. You will also receive a phone call from AnewU Recovery reminding you of your appointment. You will need to see the doctor on a monthly basis in order to receive your prescription until you have successfully tapered off Buprenorphine 

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