Frequently Asked Questions - Advice From Our Patients

Current Patients Advice

QUESTION:  Is it hard to stay on the treatment?



“It’s not hard at all, but you have to want to stop.  This stops withdrawals symptoms and stops the craving.  It is actually easy to stay on it.  No reason to take a pill.”

- P.S.



“No.  You will have no withdrawal or cravings and can even block pain without taxing your liver, kidneys and all together better for your health.  Yet you will no longer get that high feeling anymore.”

- F.L.



“Sometimes, but if you stick with it, your life will change.”

- I.L.


“It is surprisingly easy!  I truly felt (while in my addiction) that it would be impossible to ever ‘feel normal’ without pain pills … it’s 100% possible.”

- L.C.



“No.  You can overcome addiction.”

- D.P.



“There is no reason to wait to start the program.  Think of your worst day you have had trying to stop, tired or sleeping all day, nausea, etc. and know you will feel better.  This is way cheaper than taking pills.”

- O.I.



“Not at all.  Just fit it into your schedule.  Any questions you have can and will be answered by the staff.”

- R.A.



QUESTION:  What advice would you give a new patient starting treatment?



“Be focused and try to find a support system even if it is away from home.  I would have not tried to hide what I was doing at first.”

- S.F.



“Be ready.  It’s all on you and no one else.  I would also suggest you incorporate diet changes simultaneously such as exercise and natural foods.”

- C.O.



“You can go back to a normal drug free life.  You can taper off completely; do it slow though.”

- W.F.



“Expect to put in work.  Suboxone will not treat your addiction.  You need to attend meetings.”




“Be positive and always be honest so your treatment is effective.  The people in the office will try their best to help you if you do not lie to them.”

- A.K.



“Take a few days off from work after you begin the treatment.  There is an adjustment period for the medication and it would have been good to start off on a little better footing than I did, but I am better.  It hasn’t only helped me – it (EVERONE) saved me.”

- L.M.



“How long do you want to be on your meds because it could affect your starting dose.”

- B.S.



“Have you changed your life in other ways to support being in the program?”

- E.F.



“Expect your life to change.  Expect your life back from before you ever took that first pain pill!  The life you had before the addiction … you’ll get back.”

- H.L.



“Have a supportive environment.  It’s easier to stay clean if no one in the house is using.  Reach out to support groups, they do help.”

- N.K.



“Failure is a part of success.”

- R.E.



“Take your recovery seriously and you’ll be taken seriously.”

- C.M.



“I should have called sooner.  Long-term buprenorphine therapy has helped me distance myself form the drug culture in general, old connections, and the lifestyle of addiction circles.  Over time I totally lost interest and attained stability.  After a long time of treatment, I’m titrating off gradually.”

- B.B.



QUESTION: Has your life improved since the beginning of treatment?



“Yes, new career with USPS.”

- M.M.



“Yes it did.  Absolutely.  The treatment here keeps me stable and gives me time to work on my recovery.  I am not pushed to “get better” in X amount of time.  I can take the time and learn how to manage my life without the help of my substances.”

- S.T.



“Yes.  I don’t have to wake up feeling ill and struggle every day in order to get narcotics into my system.”




“Yes, the stress of making sure I can function day to day without pills is gone.  It has given my life stability.  The vicious cycle has finally stopped.”




“100%.  I’m a new me.  I am able to deal with life’s pressures without having to reach for drugs.  I don’t have to wake up feeling ill and struggle every day in order to get narcotics into my system.”






“The stress around that everyday ‘pill management’ disappears.”

- C.F.



“180 degree life altering.”

- T.B.



“Yes, not just physically but mentally.”

- M.H.



“Yes, it’s helped.   Now I’m pain free without taking all those narcotics, muscle relaxers, etc.  I have good days all the time now.  I’m more energetic and happy to be around.  I have a more positive attitude.  I just feel like a different person now.”

- S.C.



“My job, home, marriage, kids – everything is positive.”

- D.E.



“Something positive out of a negativity, you appreciate everything.”

- J.N.



“I’ve saved a ton of money.  I’m not spending hundreds of dollars buying opiates off the street.  I have more control of my life, positive energy and I’m not spending all my time wondering and worrying about when I’ll find my next opiate and no withdrawals, ever.”

- J.C.



“My life has improved beyond measure.  I feel I am living a much more productive and happy life.”

- L.F.



“Absolutely.  I have money again.   I’m happier.  I took control of my life thank God.  I got help before I lost my job, my marriage and before I got deeper in debt.”

- W.B.