AnewU Opiate Addiction Treatment Program of Tampa

Breaking free from addiction doesn’t have to be agonizing and painful, but all too often, withdrawal from drugs such as Oxycodone, Heroin, Methadone, and other pain pills

is just that.

AnewU Addiction Treatment Program of Tampa offers affordable, safe, Suboxone treatment to help you or your loved one detox from chemical dependency – all while minimizing painful withdrawal symptoms.

Imagine being able to stop taking opioids without the nausea, shakes, tremors, depression, anxiety, and mood swings that make breaking free from drug addiction so difficult.

With medically-supervised Suboxone treatment, all done on an outpatient basis, you don’t have to fear losing your job or disrupting your life.

We offer flexible payment plans for those worried about cost, and convenient scheduling for those who need to work or attend school. Let us help you get the life back that you deserve!


Convenient Scheduling Including

Evening and Weekends